How To Submit Website In Bing Search Engine Webmaster Tools

Submission of a website in various search engines is a primary tip of SEO for any blog or website. As Google is god in the field of search, so if you are wishing to gain traffic on your website then you will have to submit your website in Google Webmaster. But the thing which me too was ignoring was Bing search engine. I realised the power of bing when my younger brother started gaining traffic from Bing. His blog was having quite good amount of traffic through Bing then I get motivated to submit my website into bing webmaster too.

Finally after submitting my blog in it, I felt the increase in visitors too. Hence, by doing the same hard work I was gaining the more visitors on my website which was a good factor for my blog. So, I would also recommend you to submit your website in Bing Webmaster.

Steps to Submit Site in Bing Webmaster Tools

1. Go to the Bing Webmaster page by logging in with your hotmail or live id.

2. Click on Add Site button.

Verify ownership through XML File

3. Follow the instructions and complete the verification process in the webmaster tool.

4. Finally your website is submitted in the webmaster tool of Bing Search Engine.

Through this way you can easily submit your website in Bing Webmaster tools option and Bing crawler will crawl your website pages and index your pages on its search engine.


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